Care Instructions

Touch and care

Universal Care Label symbols

What are the care labelling requirements?

The New Zealand Commerce Commission says:

Care labels:

  • must be legible and in English
  • can use internationally recognised symbols (eg, for drycleaning) to accompany the written instructions
  • must be easy to find by consumers examining the good before purchase
  • if the good requires a permanent label, the label must be able to withstand the care treatment the good requires and should remain readable and attached through the good’s useful life.

The label should include:

  • general cleaning and care instructions
  • where appropriate and necessary textile maintenance (eg, air regularly)
  • any warnings against inappropriate treatment (eg, do not tumble dry).

The label must be a permanent label which you can see when examining the item. It must be on the good, or if it is not able to be seen because of the way the good is packaged, displayed or folded, it should also be on a removable label or the packaging.