September Seminar 2020

To Fold: Works in progress, (Materials) tea-stained unstretched canvas, pre-owned pillow cases, hessian, white glue.

This body of work was generated from material and conceptual investigations in response to the verb To Fold. This verb was encountered both as a point of departure and as a prompt to explore physical action, material reaction while working with objects typically located in the domestic sphere. Much of the work emerged from interactions with the familiar pillow case, which took into consideration human emotional attachments to the article as well as the routines and rituals of care associated with this, and other soft materials that dwell in and around the home environment such as; washing, folding, pressing. 

This versatile cotton sleeve was also utilised for its malleable and adaptive properties to create cloth impressions of germane, everyday objects, or part thereof. This process enacted a repetitive ritual of attendance to the surface and shape of an object, an object that resembled the folds found in nature and the body. This method of making was companioned by an inquiry into the influence of an ancient feminine psyche, one that is vitalised when engaging in cyclic patterns of care, one that speaks to the interdependence of humans and their natural environment. This installation of pieces and parts is trace of this exploration.